Why every Internet Marketer should use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is without doubt the most important tool that any Internet Marketer can have; a tool that allows you to track visitors, analyze conversion rates and therefore maximize the effectiveness of your Internet Marketing. Those that don’t use Google Analytics probably don’t quite understand just what it can bring to their business though, so what are some of the main points that this hugely powerful resource can bring to a website?

The first point to make about Google Analytics is that it is completely free! There are a huge number of different companies offering the same thing as Google Analytics does, but they all charge large fees and, to be honest, don’t do the job nearly as well as Google does. When you are trying to make money from a website, it is essential that you spend as little as possible, therefore Google Analytics is an absolute must have!

So, we’ve established that it’s free, but what are the practical reasons for implementing Google Analytics on your site? Well, the first is that it will allow you to track the amount of visitors that your site receives, and as we all know, getting visitors to your site is half the battle when trying to make money (with the other half being getting them to buy something)! Having Google Analytics means that you can work out if new advertising strategies or other marketing ventures are increasing the amount of visitors and will allow you to decide whether to cease the marketing or ramp it up some more!

Another advantage of Google Analytics is that it will show you exactly where your visitors are coming from. Are you concerned that your expensive adverts on another site aren’t converting into visitors? Do you have concerns that your Adwords campaign isn’t justifying the amount of money being spent? Well, with Google Analytics you can see exactly how each link to your site is performing and therefore make an informed decision regarding which specific adverts to continue with and with are simply a waste of time and money.

The final impact that Google Analytics can have is that it allows the online business to be far more structured. Every business owner knows that not have targets and goals is akin to business suicide, and Google Analytics allows goals to be create and monitored in the simplest way possible. This goal could range from anything from the amount of visitors attracted through a certain ad campaign through to the amount of conversions that a specific link brings – whatever your business, Google Analytics will help it to become more goal oriented!

As can be seen, Google Analytics is something that actually saves you huge amounts of money and makes you money at the same time! By optimizing the marketing strategies that work and dispensing with the less effective ones, every business that uses Google Analytics will become stronger almost instantly!

Google Analytics may seem daunting at first, but Google also offers completely free education for anybody who wants to know how to use Google Analytics properly. So really now there is no excuse for you NOT to have Google Analytics tracking your website and Internet Marketing campaigns.