Using for Finding YouTube Influencers is a new website where “Social Publishers” get paid to promote certain brands or products on Twitter.  They can promote it on Facebook too, but they only get paid for the tweets.  A bit frustrating, as Twitter is full of spam and Facebook is would probably have more influence then twitter.  But that also depends on the Twitter account.

These promotions are paid Cost Per Click, and the advertiser can choose how much to pay (though of course the higher it is, more likely more clicks you will get). I’ve read certain reviews on twitter campaigns, and in the end they came out mediocre. And some social publishers have been complaining about the quality of the ads because of  false advertising. So keep in mind if you do try to test out my likes your ad may be grouped with other more scammy ads.  You can check it out yourself what types of ads are on by signing up as an social publisher.  I recommend not to stoop to their level and NEVER do false advertising just to get clicks (in any case, you may just send up spending more money on clicks and when users realize it was fake, they will just leave.

I personally haven’t tested out the twitter campaign success of  But I did have a chance to make a YouTube campaign to get YouTube influencers to promote our product. It is a bit difficult to find, and they may have even removed it, which is good. Because after spending hours of going through the YouTube influencer list and look them up, then depositing money, not one influencer answered. Also, stated that they would return the money to our account automatically (you have to prepay before sending the invite) after 3 days, they didn’t. I had to contact support to get refunded. Not a big deal, but just say that, don’t say it is automatic when it isn’t.

mylikesThe idea is great though. They list the influencer, genre, a note with what the influencer is willing to promote and how, their YouTube channel so you can view it, along with their total subscribers and average video views. Very useful information. Once you contact the YouTube Channels with what kind of promotion you want, the accept or reject it. If they would have accepted it, they would make a video and send it to you before they upload it to their channel for your approval. Once you approve it, then they would upload it. And if it worked it would have been fabulous.

So all in all, is not ready to promote YouTube influencers. Its a pity, and also not a big deal if you inform users that it is in beta mode. But advertising one way and finding out it works another way is just another form of false advertising. I hope can shape up, because they really do have an idea that can go far.

Tip: If you can find the YouTube influencer page, it is a great way to find YouTuber’s who are willing to advertise. Why not contact them outside of