Test Your Email From Field!

Email marketing is a powerful way to reach out to potential, past, and current clients and get them coming back for more.

There are many important factors to a good email campaign, including having a call to action, graphics with people, and email often but not too often.

But did you know that the from field, showing readers who is sending an email, can affect not only your open rate, but your response rate as well!

I test this out constantly with Endless Range Marketing’s newsletter. Sometimes the email comes from Endless Range Marketing. Others? It comes from me personally, Hilary St Jonn.

While I continue to test it, I have found that emails from me get a larger response rate than emails from my company. I love it when people write me back and respond to my newsletter. So when I’m looking for more of a response, I make sure that the email is from me!

When it comes to email marketing, what have you found works better for you?