Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important methods of online marketing for a couple of reasons.

Personally, we have seen more traffic coming from SEO than any other online marketing method.

Second, when someone types in your keywords in a search engine, they are specifically looking for something. When your website comes up in the search results time and time again, they will realize that you are the company they should contact for the help they need!

There are three aspects of SEO that users should know about.

  1. Keyword Phrases – researching what users are actually looking for on the Internet. And not only that, but how realistically is it for your company to be ranked high with that keyword. The more compoetition, the higher it is to rank for a keyword. Keeping in mind that larger corporations have whole teams working on SEO, you need to find keywords that will start bringing you traffic and leads now!
  2. On Page SEO – there are a lot of aspects to your website both behind the scenes and up front that are needed for SEO.  Where and how to use keywords and calls to action can and will affect your rankings. We will go through your page and make sure your website is ready to be found!
  3. Off Page SEO – the final aspect of SEO is probably the hardest, but is one of the most important. Getting others to link to your website and get listed in local directories and maps. Let our team help you become more visible!

SEO should be integrated into any website, ideally before it is built. However, if you have a website that you know needs to be search engine optimized, we can help! Just take the first step, give us a ring or write us a note, and see how we can get your site ranked!