Sending Newsletters the Right Way aka E-mail Marketing

So, if you have a customer database filled with emails, newsletters are super cool.  One, it informs the customers that want to know about your company, about your company!  Two, it can remind customers that you exist and three, it can even generate sales.

Without a doubt, for many businesses, regular newsletters are important. If you don’t already send out regular newsletters, consider doing it now.  Depending on your users, you may want to send out a newsletter once a month, once a week, or only during special occasions such as new products or special events.

In any case, tracking your newsletters are important. You want to know how many people opened your newsletter, how many people clicked on your link and how many e-mails bounced from your mailing list. Sounds complicated? Its not!

MailChimpMailChimp is a fabulous program you can use, and completely free as well for small mailing lists. It is great for growing companies wanting to do it right from the start, or for smaller companies that will not have that many subscribers. You can get away with emailing 500 subscribers (or 250 subscribers twice) once a month all completely free.

MailChimp also comes with amazing analytics. They will tell you how your mailing list did compared to other companies in your industry. They will inform you what your open rate was (how many readers opened your newsletter),  how many clicks you got, and so on. You can also test to view your e-mail in multiple e-mail applications such as gmail and Hotmail.  You can also test your e-mail subject to see which ones tend to get the highest open rate from users.

MailChimp is pretty amazing. Maybe I just like them because they gave me a free T-Shirt (yes, I’m wearing it now).  But I think there is a lot more too it. Never have I known so much about my e-mail list. And never have I felt so much power. Plus, they make sure you are in compliance with the SPAM-CAN act of the U.S.A. That means you don’t spam your readers, which is always a good thing.

So for those of you who are blindingly sending emails to your customers via outlook and pdf attachments, now is an awesome easy program to use with analytics behind it. For those of you are not sending out e-mails yet, you have no excuse!

Free, easy, and necessary for any serious business.  If you don’t like the monkey, then look into some other programs for email analytics, for they are out there and they will improve your sales one way or another!