Make a free website with WordPress

I highly recommend WordPress to any small business that doesn’t yet have a website.

WordPress  is a Content Management System (CMS) for blogs or websites and is the most popular open source CMS, for a reason. Usually people who not have a website are not familiar with WordPress.  This is why it is awesome.

1. WordPress is free.

I love free, and many small businesses do not have a big budget. So free is good.  WordPress is free. They even offer free hosting for those of you who don’t want to pay for hosting or a domain.

2. WordPress is easy to install.

I’m not super tech savvy, but I do know my way around a ftp, I know how to unzip files, and I can edit html/css/php if needed. So if you know these things, WordPress is super easy to install.  If you have no idea what these things mean, don’t worry! It takes 5 minutes to install, and chances are you will know at least one friend/coworker/family member that does know these things and can figure it out. And since it is so quick and simple, your friend/coworker/family member will surly help you out!

3. You can change your website with ease.

WordPress comes with themes.  Themes are ways to dress up your website so it looks the way it does. There are free themes, and paid themes. Themes are a great way to design your website. There are also themes where you can customize your website 100% yourself. If you like to have control over your websites design, I suggest a theme like this. I personally like Atahualpa, which of course is free. They have a forum in which you can ask for support.  If you donate $20 you can get extra help on the forum, which I recommend. They are lovely!

4. WordPress comes in many languages

If you are setting up WordPress for someone else, and English is not their first language, do not worry. WordPress comes in multiple languages.

5. Plugins cover all your extra needs.

With WordPress you can install plugins, which are special programs that add to your site.  My twitter feed on the right? That is a plug in. The social icons on the bottom of my posts? That is a plug in. Usually if you need something for your site, you can install it via a plug in. Very very handy.

WordPress is regularly updated and improved, and it is a great way for anybody to build their website.  Remember, a website is needed for anybody to do small business Internet marketing!