The Importance of Conversion Tracking in Online Marketing

One of the biggest mistakes a small (or even big!) business can make in online marketing is not tracking visitors and their actions.

The solution is easy. Google offers free analytics for websites (rightly named “Google Analytics“). There are many great things you can track through Google Analytics. Such as:

  • What pages visitors are going to.
  • Where visitors are coming from.
  • What are your top landing pages.
  • How long are people on your website.
  • How many people purchase your product.
  • How many people sign up for your newsletter.


If you aren’t using Google Analytics, follow these instructions from Google to get started.

  1. Register your Google Analytics account.
  2. Insert your tracking code. WordPress websites can use various plugins to insert the code. Or your theme may support it.
  3. Set up goals. An example of a goal you could set up is having it trigger when a user goes to a thank you page you send them to after they either make a purchase or sign up for your newsletter.
  4. Set up reports to be emailed to your automatically. While Google does offer you a nice beginner dashboard, if you use this link you can use the dashboard I use.

Make sure if you don’t have this set up that you make it a strong priority and do it asap. If you don’t know where your marketing dollars are working, you are making your job harder!

Not sure if you already have Google Analytics installed? Contact us and we will tell you!