How to Link Twitter and Facebook to your Blog

I’m not going to go into how great Twitter and Facebook are, not only for Social Media Marketing, but also for Search Engine Optimization. If you are reading this page then you probably know why. If don’t know why, then just trust me, they are a must need for any website!

But both Facebook and Twitter can be very time consuming. Many large corporations have one specific person dedicated to social media marketing. That means 40 hours a week dedicated to Twitter, Facebook, and other smaller social media platforms.

For those of us who run our own small businesses or don’t have the resources to hire a full marketing team, there are some great ways to update your Facebook fan page and twitter status automatically, and for free!

Disclaimer: Just because you have automated updates on Facebook and Twitter does not mean you can ignore them completely! Automation is a great time saver, but you should still check your status and see if you are getting any interactions from your fans or followers. When you do, be sure to reply as soon as you can, and be personable. Nobody wants to have a conversation with a robot.

RSS Graffiti for Your Facebook Fan Page


The app RSS Graffiti on Facebook is super easy. All you do is add this app to your Facebook fan page (search for apps in your fan page settings and then add it) and enter your blog’s RSS feed.  Whenever there is a new blog post, RSS Graffiti will update your fan page for you!  You can even add more than one RSS feed if you want, and they track different stats for you.

This is great automation when you don’t have time or simply forget to update your fan page with your most recent posts. I also try to take the time to share it with my Facebook friends, and pass it alone.  There is no way to automate this, which is probably a good thing as you don’t want to spam your friends too much! for your Twitter Account

twitterfeed is a great tool. You can link any feed you want to your twitter account.  If anything, your blog is a must!  Simply click “Add a new feed” and enter the URL for your RSS feed. Be sure to check out the advanced settings, where you can add a prefix, suffix, frequency, and much more.

I not only use this for my blog, but also to tweet other content my users might find interesting. There is nothing wrong with promoting other blogs and companies, especially if they aren’t your direct competitor.  Twitter is all about sharing, and your followers will appreciate the latest news you bring them!

Again, be careful not to go overboard with this.  There is a fine line between being helpful, and sending out junk links that make people just want to unfollow you.


Hopefully these two free platforms will help you save time and give your Twitter and Facebook regular updates without much work on your part!