Could Your Facebook Account Be Deleted By Facebook?

The answer is yes!  But don’t panic, you can avoid it.

Facebook has had the problem of fake Facebook accounts for awhile. A fake account could be a fake name or could even be an account that people use as a business and not as a person.

To avoid your account potentially getting deleted, make sure to follow Facebook’s guidelines.

  1. Your first and last name should be your real first and last name.
  2. Your business name should only be mentioned in your profile, and your business should have a separate Facebook Fan page.
  3. Friend only people you have met in real life. Do not go crazy and friend everyone that is suggested to you.

There are a couple of reasons why Facebook does this. The first is that Facebook offers advertising to businesses, and if fake accounts are clicking on ads, businesses do not like this!

Secondly, if you are using your personal account to promote your business, Facebook is losing money. It is getting harder and harder to get organic interaction on Facebook pages without paying.

If you are currently using your personal account for business, you can convert it to a proper business page by following these steps.

Have a question about what you are doing on your Facebook account? Ask it here!