What to Do with a Bad Review Online

Reviews are becoming an important part of any online marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes.  Not only do reviews help your local listings in search engines (or local SEO), but they also give potential customers a chance to get to know your company.

But what happens when you get a bad review?

Don’t Panic!

Bad reviews may happen. Perhaps one of your employees made a mistake. Maybe you have a disgruntled ex-employee blasting your site with false reviews. Or maybe you just have an unhappy person that wanted more than your company could provide and now they are taking revenge on your Yelp account.

Just know that bad reviews may happen. Don’t panic, and don’t think that it is the end of your online and social presence. There are things you can do to turn the bad review into something good.

Know You Can’t Get Rid of the Review

Yelp, Google+ and Facebook all are places where people can leave reviews. It is a a right as a customer that we all have. We are able to leave any type of review we want. If there was an opportunity for a business to get rid of a bad review, nobody would have bad reviews up!

You can turn off all reviews on Facebook, but you don’t have much choice when it comes to Yelp and Google+. If you have a lot of good reviews on Facebook, you won’t want to turn off those reviews.

So let’s make those bad reviews look good for your business!

Respond in a Professional and Polite Manner

If you had a customer in your store yelling at you, how would you respond? You want to use this opportunity to show customers and potential customers how you handle these types of situations.

Make sure your response doesn’t come off as emotional. State the facts. If your company did make a mistake, let the person know how you offer to correct it.

It’s very easy to read bad reviews and tell if it is just a angry person complaining, or if the company did something wrong and is difficult to work with. Let readers make the choice for themselves.

Tell Happy Customers About Review Sites

It is technically against the rules (especially with Yelp) to ask for customer reviews. However, you can inform customers that online reviews help your business and list the sites you are featured on. This can be a simple email signature or a paragraph in your newsletter.

This is a great way to build up your 5 star reviews in a natural way. It is also a great way to let people see that you do have a great service to offer.

Remember that Bad Reviews Look Realistic

Look, we are all human. Having tons of 5 star reviews and nothing else looks unrealistic. No person is perfect, and no company is perfect. How you can be extraordinary and stand out in your business is showing what you do in face of this type of situation. A bad review could make or break a person deciding to work with you.