3 Tips to Reduce Back Pain

The chiropractors over at Desert West Chiropractic have shared a few tips with us!

Get Some Exercise

Exercise strengthens the muscles in your back that have grown weaker as a result of poor posture. Your back muscles are critical in proper spine support. Try to do some sit-ups every day, as well as toe touches. You can feel some results after just a few weeks!

Review Your Posture

Make sure you don’t slouch. Instead you should keep your head up and your shoulders back. No matter what you’re doing, make sure you focus on your posture. A poor posture can cause neck pain, back pain, fatigue, and you can even lose range of motion!

Lift With Your Legs

When attempting to lift or move anything heavy, it’s important to do it properly. An improper lifting technique can cause back injury. If you’ve ever hurt your back in the past, you know it’s not fun. Make that you lift with your legs and hold whatever you’re carrying close to your body so that less strain is placed on your spine and back muscles.

Chiropractic Care

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