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How Twitter Got Me on the Radio

It seems that a lot of times Twitter is put on the back burner in Social Media Marketing. And while your grandmother may be on Facebook and not Twitter, it doesn’t mean that Twitter doesn’t have marketing power.

I mean, Twitter did get me on the radio.

This story is a great example of the power of Twitter.

Remember, Facebook is just for your friends. Which is great. But Twitter is for making new friends. So when I tweet from @Bozemaniac, and someone replies, I reply back. And a conversation is started. And soon a friendship.

@instantcole saw me tweeting about the Filler in Bozeman and how awesome it was. So when April Smith came to Bozeman, he let me know. Another awesome show!  Cole and I ended up meeting at the show.  I found out that Cole works at Town Square Media here in Bozeman as the Digital Marketing Manager. So of course we later went to lunch.

We had tons to talk about, and I always love chatting with people about life in Bozeman, Internet Marketing, and business. At one point Cole mentioned to me the radio show Open for Business by Tom Egelhoff.  Basically Tom specializes in Small Business Marketing, and interviews new businesses in Bozeman, MT. It sounded like a perfect fit for Endless Range Marketing.

So Cole introduced me to Tom Egelhoff (@smalltownmarket on Twitter) via email, and I’m set to be on his show Saturday July 21st from noon to 1pm. If you aren’t in Bozeman, you can stream the Radio Show online.

Facebook is about sitting at home talking to people you’ve already met.

Twitter is about going out and meeting new people, both online and in person. Reaching out and connecting “the old fashion way” is still extremely powerful. But without Twitter, I wouldn’t have met Cole, and I wouldn’t have known about the radio opportunity and I wouldn’t have had a chance to go on the radio.


5 reasons why you should give a Tweet about Twitter

Twitter-follow-meWith my recent move to  Bozeman, Montana, I’m discovering what are buzz words in the Internet Marketing Industry.

SEO, Facebook and the like are common knowledge; everyone knows that they should have it for their website.

I am surprised that Twitter isn’t more utilized as it has great benefits not only in Social Media aspects, but also for SEO.

So, I decided to  put together 5 reasons why you should give a Tweet about Twitter!

1. Gives you opportunity to Converse with your readers

twitter conversation
Any place where you can reach out to your readers beneficial. There are real people on Twitter, and they want to talk to you! When you reply to people in the Twitterverse, others will see this. They will know you are real too, and will give your content more authority.

 2. Great for Job Search

Whether you are looking for a job or looking to hire, Twitter is a great resource. Especially if you are looking in the Digital Media field. People who are on the computer all the time are most likely on Twitter. I’ve gotten job interviews before just by asking in a Tweet!

3. Blogger Outreach

Guess what?  Bloggers are on Twitter. If you want bloggers to write about your content, try starting a conversation up with them on Twitter first about something they are tweeting. RT (ReTweet) what they are tweeting. If you just write them and say “Hey, write about me!”, they will probably ignore you as spam. If you act like a real person, do some small talk first, most likely they will respond. Once you build a relationship, you can ask them to write an article or do some sort of mutual collaboration.

Will work with journalists too, if they are on Twitter :)

4. Potential to go Viral

pay with a tweet

Ok, true, Twitter may not be as strong as producing viral content, but it does help spread content no matter what. When somebody retweets your message, all of their followers see it. If 2 of their followers retweets your message… well, you get the picture.

There is a great free service called “Pay with a Tweet”.  You can see how it works with my Twitter Basic Guide ebook. Basically, to “buy” an ebook or some software, they have to Tweet a message of your choice (or share it on Facebook, even better!).  Its a great way to get your content to spread.

5. Twitter helps SEO

True, Google no longer uses Twitter’s live feed in the SERPS, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t help your SEO! Links that get ReTweeted are indexed faster. Google does crawl Twitter. And they may be nofollow tags, but we know that Google still follows nofollow!  So it does have potential to majorly help your rankings!


I hope these reasons are enough to get on Twitter. For SwedishFreak, I get almost the same amount of traffic from Twitter as I do from Facebook! So if you think being on Facebook is important, you should give Twitter a try too.


A Short How To for Twitter

Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms. Most people know that they should be on it. Most people know that they should be tweeting. But a lot of people, including small businesses, aren’t sure how.  Here is a very quick overview on how to use Twitter.

About Twitter

Twitter is one of the biggest social networks. It works as a world conversation. Anything you write on twitter can be seen by anybody, there is no privacy (unless you do a direct message, or DM). You follow anybody you want to more quickly see what they “tweet”. You can organize your follows into lists. And you can create topics with a #. A tweet, or message, on twitter consists of only 140 characters. Because of this messages can be shortened. And links should be shortened as well.


Some things to keep in mind when using twitter.

  1. hash tags (#) are a way people keep track of conversations on twitter. You can search a keyword on twitter, or, if it has a # you can click it immediately. For general words such as #bonus, etc, I’d recommend using hash tags. Look at what competitors are doing and copy them! (Looks like you guys are already using this to an extent, good job!)
  2. url shorteners are used on twitter because you only have 140 characters for your tweet. When I see a normal URL in twitter, it looks, well, like someone who doesn’t use twitter is using twitter. Also, shorteners like bitly keep track of clicks.  I highly recommend you use url shortners on ALL links. I will show you how you can set up a free twitter program that uses your automatically at the end of this document.
  3. Twitter is about conversation. Try engaging in your followers. Ask them questions, look at replies, and when they reply to you, reply back! If you put some interesting people in a list, it may be easier to have a conversation with them.

ReTweets (RT)

If a person on twitter says something you agree with, you think is cool, or shares a link you like, feel free to RT it. Its very easy to do on Seesmic, and it is good twitter etiquette to RT messages you like. However, don’t just RT everything.

Twitter Lingo

Here are some common word abbreviations for twitter. Feel free to use them anytime in twitter:

ttyl talk to you later
wb welcome back
wfm works for me
b4 before
w/ with
thx thanks
pw password
rotfl rolling on the floor laughing
gtg got to go
j/k just kidding
k okay
lol laugh out loud
l8r later
msg message
n/m never mind
n/p no problem
*g* grin
gf girlfriend
imho in my humble opinion
imo in my opinion
fyi for your information
cya see ya
btw by the way
brb be right back
bf boyfriend
b/c because
bbl be back later
bbs be back soon

Seesmic for Twitter

Seesmic is a great free program that you can download or use on the web in order to access your twitter. I made a very quick video on how to use it.

For the bitly API key you will go to

That is about twitter in a gist! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment!