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How Twitter Got Me on the Radio

It seems that a lot of times Twitter is put on the back burner in Social Media Marketing. And while your grandmother may be on Facebook and not Twitter, it doesn’t mean that Twitter doesn’t have marketing power. I mean, Twitter did get me on the radio. This story is a great example of the…

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5 reasons why you should give a Tweet about Twitter

With my recent move to  Bozeman, Montana, I’m discovering what are buzz words in the Internet Marketing Industry. SEO, Facebook and the like are common knowledge; everyone knows that they should have it for their website. I am surprised that Twitter isn’t more utilized as it has great benefits not only in Social Media aspects,…

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A Short How To for Twitter

Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms. Most people know that they should be on it. Most people know that they should be tweeting. But a lot of people, including small businesses, aren’t sure how.  Here is a very quick overview on how to use Twitter. About Twitter Twitter is one…

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How to Link Twitter and Facebook to your Blog

I’m not going to go into how great Twitter and Facebook are, not only for Social Media Marketing, but also for Search Engine Optimization. If you are reading this page then you probably know why. If don’t know why, then just trust me, they are a must need for any website! But both Facebook and…

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