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How Twitter Got Me on the Radio

It seems that a lot of times Twitter is put on the back burner in Social Media Marketing. And while your grandmother may be on Facebook and not Twitter, it doesn’t mean that Twitter doesn’t have marketing power.

I mean, Twitter did get me on the radio.

This story is a great example of the power of Twitter.

Remember, Facebook is just for your friends. Which is great. But Twitter is for making new friends. So when I tweet from @Bozemaniac, and someone replies, I reply back. And a conversation is started. And soon a friendship.

@instantcole saw me tweeting about the Filler in Bozeman and how awesome it was. So when April Smith came to Bozeman, he let me know. Another awesome show!  Cole and I ended up meeting at the show.  I found out that Cole works at Town Square Media here in Bozeman as the Digital Marketing Manager. So of course we later went to lunch.

We had tons to talk about, and I always love chatting with people about life in Bozeman, Internet Marketing, and business. At one point Cole mentioned to me the radio show Open for Business by Tom Egelhoff.  Basically Tom specializes in Small Business Marketing, and interviews new businesses in Bozeman, MT. It sounded like a perfect fit for Endless Range Marketing.

So Cole introduced me to Tom Egelhoff (@smalltownmarket on Twitter) via email, and I’m set to be on his show Saturday July 21st from noon to 1pm. If you aren’t in Bozeman, you can stream the Radio Show online.

Facebook is about sitting at home talking to people you’ve already met.

Twitter is about going out and meeting new people, both online and in person. Reaching out and connecting “the old fashion way” is still extremely powerful. But without Twitter, I wouldn’t have met Cole, and I wouldn’t have known about the radio opportunity and I wouldn’t have had a chance to go on the radio.


Is Facebook Ruining High School Reunions?

Last week was my 10 year high school reunion. Boy how time flies! It was unfortunately that I wasn’t able to go. There was some confusion with organization, and they set the date and time only a few weeks ahead of the event. This may not have been a problem for many of the attendees, but I live overseas, and having 3 weeks to book a ticket across the world during Thanksgiving is, well, simply not possible.

Which is a pity because I would have loved to have gone and seen old high school chums. However, I wasn’t as upset about it as I thought I would be. Why? Because of Facebook!

I’m quite active on this social network and over the years have friended many of my high school friends. I get to catch up often on those who post about their life, see pictures of their children, hear about their most recent happenings. Really, most of the people that I would look forward to seeing at a high school reunion I interact with regularly on Facebook.

So I’m wondering, if over the years, high school reunions are going to be become less of a big deal. Yes, of course if I was in the area, I would have gone. But I wasn’t, not a big deal. I get to show off my wonderful life on the social network every day (because that is the whole point of high school reunions, right?)

What do you think? Do you feel the need to go to your high school reunion? Or do you have enough high school friends on Facebook?