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Could Your Facebook Account Be Deleted By Facebook?

The answer is yes!  But don’t panic, you can avoid it. Facebook has had the problem of fake Facebook accounts for awhile. A fake account could be a fake name or could even be an account that people use as a business and not as a person. To avoid your account potentially getting deleted, make…

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Is Facebook Ruining High School Reunions?

Last week was my 10 year high school reunion. Boy how time flies! It was unfortunately that I wasn’t able to go. There was some confusion with organization, and they set the date and time only a few weeks ahead of the event. This may not have been a problem for many of the attendees,…

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How to Link Twitter and Facebook to your Blog

I’m not going to go into how great Twitter and Facebook are, not only for Social Media Marketing, but also for Search Engine Optimization. If you are reading this page then you probably know why. If don’t know why, then just trust me, they are a must need for any website! But both Facebook and…

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