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Archive for January 2014

Unleash Your Online Marketing Superstar!

Endless Range Marketing is excited to announce a 10 seminar series on Online Marketing! Hilary St Jonn is partnering up with Mariessa Mahfouz of Toro Management to bring Phoenix business owners everything they need to know when it comes to marketing their business online. These classes will cover LinkedIn, Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Email Marketing, Instagram,…

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Why Is a Call to Action Important?

If you have been studying anything about online marketing, you have probably heard about the importance of a Call to Action.  But do you know why it is so important? We will tell you why, and hope that knowing why will get you to realize that you should never forget a Call to Action! Tells…

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Could Your Facebook Account Be Deleted By Facebook?

The answer is yes!  But don’t panic, you can avoid it. Facebook has had the problem of fake Facebook accounts for awhile. A fake account could be a fake name or could even be an account that people use as a business and not as a person. To avoid your account potentially getting deleted, make…

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The Importance of Conversion Tracking in Online Marketing

One of the biggest mistakes a small (or even big!) business can make in online marketing is not tracking visitors and their actions. The solution is easy. Google offers free analytics for websites (rightly named “Google Analytics“). There are many great things you can track through Google Analytics. Such as: What pages visitors are going…

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